Owfis stands as a pioneering platform that transcends the traditional HRMS approach

Stark.ai is the Superhero for Job Applicants

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To build a world where employers and employees cohabit in a mutually productive environment that fosters fulfillment, success, and happiness in life.


Our mission is to lead the future of HR tech by harnessing the power of AI to improve experience and efficiency in the HR domain. By connecting qualified candidates with the right job opportunities, we strive to contribute to the growth and success of individuals and businesses alike.

Our Story

How and why it all started

In 2020, we embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of 500apps.com that comprised 50 powerful apps covering a range of business functions.

We soon observed a growing need for deeper customizations and intuitive functionalities, especially in the HR domain. Lack of an all-in-one solution, Integration challenges, and fragmented talent pools demanded a new approach.

Motivated by these challenges, we asked ourselves, "Why not create a powerful AI-based all-in-one HRMS solution and connect it with the talent pool?"

This led us to create Owfis in January 2023, aiming to revolutionize the future of HR tech through 2 connected apps - HRMS.io and Stark.ai.


The all-in-one HRMS

By consolidating various HR functionalities into a single platform, HRMS.io offers a centralized hub for applicant tracking, employee onboarding, attendance, payroll, ticket management, and more. By streamlining these critical HR processes, HRMS.io empowers organizations with enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Superhero for job applicants and recruiters

Stark comprises two modules: Stark for Candidates and Stark for Employers. Stark for Employers leverages AI to rank job candidates, conducts dynamic interviews, and automates hiring workflows.

Stark for Candidates, on the other hand, automates job application, enables candidates to prepare and practice for interviews, and schedules instant interviews.

Stark.ai creates a seamless and efficient recruitment ecosystem for both employers and candidates.


Funding and Validation

Enabling our Vision


We are honored to have received a generous funding of USD 1 Million from Mr. Manohar Chapalamadugu, Founder and CEO of Mantra Group, renowned for Agile CRM. Mr. Chapalamadugu is a firm believer that customer experience is paramount in any business. His support not only validates the potential and value of our HR tech solutions but also propels us forward in our mission to make a lasting impact in the HR industry.

Our Path

Harness technology to lead the future of HR


As a startup driven by ambition and determination, we are excited about the journey that lies ahead. We eagerly seek partnerships with forward-thinking organizations and recruiters who are poised to lead the future of HR powered by AI. Together, we will create an environment that cultivates efficiency, productivity, and success in the HR industry.

Our Key People

We're led by a team, who constantly look for innovation and keep chasing for excellence

Manohar Chapalamadugu

Manohar Chapalamadugu




VP & Co-Founder

Anandan Kothandapani

Anandan Kothandapani

Director Of Marketing

Sanjay Kumar Tripathi

Sanjay Kumar Tripathi

Director Of Strategy & BD

Sruthi Mahabhashyam

Sruthi Mahabhashyam

Project Manager

Joel Abraham

Joel Abraham

Product Owner

Ahalya Khambham

Ahalya Khambham

Team Lead

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